March 20, 2017

Sevenpie feature

Hello guys! Exciting news that I was part of list of Malaysian talent on Sevenpie!

You can check it out here~!

February 26, 2017

spin and twirl

Quick Doodle. Spin and twirl around the room till the room goes fuzzy. Quickly sit down as it whirls until you're quite so dizzy.

February 14, 2017

happy valentines day

A little late , but Happy valentine's day everybody! Hope all of you had a great time with your love ones. Here's some kitty's I drew.

You can get one from my shop >>> etsy

February 08, 2017

more love!

‘ Love is a flower , you’ve got to let it grow. ‘

I'm selling this design on my etsy come and have a nosy :>

January 27, 2017

year of the rooster

Wishing everyone a happy Chinese new year for the great year of the rooster!
 PRAISE THE ROOSTER for the ang paos have come ~~!

January 17, 2017

back to drafting!

Hello there!

For the readers who are following my manga -blank canvas, here's a mini update! Apologies for taking so long but I'm back to drafting my second volume(hopefully vol 3 too!). It'll be launching in may (mcm London) till then ! I'll be keeping you guys posted. Thank you so much for your support !